Travel Terms and Conditions

By law.the sporting events ( control of alcohol etc ) act1985.


To assist us in complying with this legal requirement you maybe asked prior to boarding the coach, to voluntary demonstrate to the steward or driver the contents of any hand baggage to be carried on the journey.

Should you decline to do so your hand baggage will be carried on the coach,not in the seating area and will be made available to you at your destination.

In the event that any passenger attempts to take any of the aforementioned items onto the coach we reserve the right to deny boarding of the vehicle and,in such circumstances,no refund of fares will be granted.

Passenger's are required to comply with reasonable requests by steward's and repeated failure to do so may lead to being prohibited from future bookings and removal from membership.

Any passenger's under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when travelling.

Breaches of the term's and conditions may result in removal from the coach, refusal of return travel, prohibited from any future bookings and removal from the membership.The decision of the committee on removal from the membership after an appeal process shall be final.

In addition to Eavesway term's and conditions of booking, the club expects all members to be courteous towards fellow passengers.

The club will not allow anyone banned from attending matches to travel on its coaches.

Cancellations are per Eavesway travel terms and conditions.

The full Wigan Athletic Travel and Supporters Club constitution with terms and conditions is available on request from committee members.

Membership Terms and Conditions

Coming soon

Our Constitution

A copy of our constitution can be found here.

GDPR statement

For us to comply with Data Protection Regulations, please note the following:

What data is captured when you join WAFC TSC? .
We ask for your name, home address, telephone number and email address.

Why it is needed and what do we do with this data?
This information is needed to supply you with: membership of the WAFC TSC a personal card to entitle you to the benefits of membership to send travel details to you for upcoming games

Is the subscription data shared?
It is not shared with anyone outside the committee of WAFC TSC.

Can you see what we hold about you?
You can request to see what data we are holding about you at

Is any identifiable data captured when you use the WAFC TSC website?
No identifiable data is captured when you use the WAF CTSC website.

Bookings are made via the Eavesway portal. These are subject to the GDPR statements for Eavesways Travel which can be found here.
What generic data is captured when you use the website?
Google Analytics are used to capture anonymous “usage” data statistics on the website.
This information includes:

  • Pages visited by session
  • Time spent on pages
  • “Landing” pages (e.g. the first page used in a session)
  • Search engines used to find the website
  • The city and country the session originated in
  • The technology used to view the webpage (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Browser used and version
  • Operating system and version
  • Screen dimensions

How do we utilise the website usage data?
The usage data is used to measure the effectiveness of the website, ensuring it contains information that the community is interested in.
It is also used to ensure the website is readable by the devices being used to view it and that the pages respond at reasonable speeds. is a bespoke website designed for this membership, needing to reflect the technology the community uses to access it.

How many email mailboxes does WAFC TSC use?
There is a single email account and mailbox used with

Why it is needed?
To facilitate communication between the WAFC TSC operating committee and the members.

Where is the mailbox stored?
The mailbox is stored online with IONOS which may not be in the UK.

Is the mailbox shared?
No. Only the operating committee has access to the mailbox.

How long is email stored for?
Emails from members are only stored for as long as it takes to answer any query. The mail is then deleted.

The mail is not stored by us on any personal devices.

Data Protection Act Compliance

Read how we use your data here.